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Itziar Cabanes Axpe


Faculty of Engineering, Bilbao (UPV-EHU)
Tel: 946013951

Research Areas

  • Smart & Flexible Automation Production Systems
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Advanced control robotics
  • Applications in bioengineering


Itziar Cabanes is currently Associate Professor in the department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at the Higher Technical Engineering School (ETSI) in Bilbao. She obtained her PhD in Manufacturing in the Mechanical Engineeering department from the ETSI in 2001. Her research interests focus on Industrial robotics, Advanced control of parallel robotics and the improvement of Manufacturing processes through the application of intelligent techniques. She obtained the University of the Basque Country PhD award in 2003 as well as other awards for her participation in the Machine Tool and manufacturing technologies conferences in 2000 and 2006, and in the Automation Workshop in 2006, 2010 and 2015.


  • Automation and industrial robotics
  • Industrial robotics
  • Advanced industrial robotics
  • Control and Automation
  • Research methods