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Control strategies based on a model with redundant information to improve performance. Estrategias de control basadas en modelo con información redundante para la mejora de las prestaciones (DPI2009-07669)

  • Lead researcher: Itziar Cabanes Axpe - (01/01/2010 - 31/12/2012)
  • Funding body: Ministry of Spanish Science and Innovation

The aim of this project is to develop control strategies specifically for closed chain robots, where, given their complex kinematics and dynamics and the high fitting between the different kinematic chains, the control systems used until now have been decoupled and taken from serial robots. For this, we sensors are incorporated into the passive articulations or not actuated (partially or wholly) so this additional information will be used in the control strategies.

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iLAND- mIddLewAre for deterministic dynamically reconfigurable NetworkeD embedded systems (ILAND_ART-010000-2009-7)

  • Lead researcher: Marga Marcos - (01/03/2009 - 28/08/2012)
  • Funding body: ARTEMIS and Ministry of Science and Innovation

The main objective of this project is to offer support to the dynamic behaviour of future embedded systems, known as cyber-physical systems, which are characterized by their heretogeneous devices with different resource restrictions and both functional and non-functional requirements. For this, we need to have mechanisms that allow them to adapt to their environment, such as connection/disconnection of devices, reconfiguration responding to alarms, soft degradation of functioning, etc. In order to meet these requirements...

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Methodologies and support tools for the development of distributed industrial control systems (MERCONIDI) (DPI 2006-04003)

  • Lead researcher: Marga Marcos - (01/10/2006 - 30/09/2009)
  • Funding body: Ministry of Science and innovation

The main objective of this project is to develop methodologies and tools that allow us to form a bridge between the state of technology and the design and development of distributed industrial control systems, addressing the characteristics of these systems and the current standards. Thus, we will provide methodologies and will create design and development support tools of these systems that are based on the latest technologies, but which are transparent to the final user, to whom we offer the terminology, notation, and...

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