Who we are

The focus of the Control and System Integration research group encompasses three well distinguished but complementary research areas: Smart&Flexible Automation, Intelligent manufacturing,  Advanced Control Robotics, Applications in Bioengineering and Control of Offshore Renewable Energy Devices.

Smart & Flexible Automation Production Systems, this research line aims at supporting the implementation of high-tech manufacturing processes based on the use of adaptive and smart manufacturing equipment and systems by means of the establishment of methodologies and the development of support tools using the latest technologies. The final goal is to automate, control and optimize the production processes ensuring plant availability while providing high quality production with zero defects. This is what initiatives as the Factory of the Future, Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 initiatives pursue.

The Intelligent manufacturing research area, in collaboration with the High Performance manufacturing group in the Mechanical Engineering Department, combines the knowledge from manufacturing processes with artificial intelligence, control, and embedded systems from GCIS.

Advanced control robotics focuses on improving the dynamic behaviour of robots by designing and implementing control strategies that are appropriate for the type of robot and its application, in order to exploit the advantages of these devices, even for high dynamic capacity use.

Applications in Bioengineering arises as a consequence of the background achieved in the other research lines enabling the development of intelligent solutions in medical and health care area.

The work of the group within the JRL-ORE is related to the research on advanced control systems for wave energy and offshore wind, having as main objectives: cost reduction, useful life extension and maximum power extraction.

Currently, the members of GCIS belongs to two A level group of the Basque University System (Basque Government): IT1324-19 (Smart & Flexible Automation Production Systems) and IT1381-19 (Intelligent manufacturing, Advanced control robotics and Applications in Bioengineering).