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Thesis Dissertation: Urtats Etxegarai - 11/11/2020

This past Wednesday, November 11 2020, the Doctoral Thesis presentation and defence of Mr. Urtats Etxegarai was hold with 3 publications ranked Q1-JCR. His work entitled: ‘An intelligent strategy for endurance training based on a virtual lactate sensor' has been co-supervised by Dr. Eva Portillo (Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of the Basque Country) and Dr. Jon Irazusta (Department of Physiology, University of the Basque Country). The thesis has received the ‘International Doctorate’ distinction since Urtats Etxegarai was a visit.... Read more

Thesis Dissertation: François-Xavier Faÿ - 17/07/2020

The past Friday, July 17th 2020, we had the Doctoral Thesis presentation and defence by Mr. François-Xavier Faÿ entitled: 'Modelling and Control for the Oscillating Water Column in Wave Energy Conversion', co-supervised by Dr. Marga Marcos and Dr. Eider Robles. Due to the Sanitary Emergency, some members of the Thesis Committee attended virtually. The Thesis Committee was formed by Dr Eduardo F. Camacho, Dr. Asier Zubizarreta, Dr. Anne Blavette, Dr. Nicola Delmonte and Dr. Maider Santos. The Thesis got the maximum Grade and a video of the dissertation can be found at:.... Read more

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