Research Areas

VISENS: Intelligent manufacturing and industry

About the research area

Our research group started working on Intelligent Manufacturing around 2002 in collaboration with the High performance manufacturing research group at the Higher Technical Engineering School in Bilbao, led by professor José Antonio Sánchez Galíndez. This collaboration materialised when, during the research work, we detected problems that needed to be solved in the electrical discharge machining process and that were directly related to Systems and Automation Engineering (Control, instrumentation, real-time IT systems, Artificial intelligence, etc.).

Thus, at the beginning of the collaboration we focused exclusively on the wire electrical discharge (WEDM) cutting process, achieving excellent results, including a PhD thesis with an award for excellence, several articles both in JRC indexed international journals, and internationally recognised conferences and national awards. This collaboration is currently well established, unifying both the knowledge of the manufacturing process (in particular, grinding, drilling, and electrical discharge machining) using knowledge on artificial intelligence, control and embedded systems generated from the GCIS research group.