Research Areas

VISENS: Applications in bioengineering

About the research area

The background achieved in the other research lines (Advanced Control Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing) has enabled the development of intelligent embebbed devices in medical and health care area.

Some of the main research issues of GCIS_group are focused on the development of intelligent systems and devices (non-invasive) for the diagnostic and rehabilitation of the upper and lower limb to increase the functionality on neurologic pathology patients, or sclerosis and stroke patients where the potential of neuroplasticity is higher and the mobility is limited. In this area, a multidisciplinary research group is working together with expertise in robot & control issues, in intelligent diagnostics and in functional quantification and neurorehabilitation.

Another main research issue is focused on measuring and processing physiological variables and parameters in endurance sports with the aim of estimating parameters that currently require assessing to a specialized medical center as well as a high price. The proposed methods are based on the application of machine learning techniques (artificial neural networks, clustering…). Again, a multidisciplinary research group is taking part in this research with expertise in both the application of machine learning techniques and in endurance sports, and also, this research is supported by Campusdeportivovirtual S.L. which is expert in applying the intensive use of new technologies to multiple sports.