The Project

  • Tool integration for the design and deployment of Distributed Control Systems

Modelling distributed control systems based on XML to integrate COT tools (DPI2003-02399)


The aim of this project is to develop methodologies and tools to design and develop distributed control systems (DCS) with a high degree of flexibility, reliability, and reuse of developed applications. The great progress that has occurred in recent years, both for hardware systems specific to control (PLCs, industrial computers, industrial fieldbuses, controllers, etc.) and for multidisciplinary COTS tools (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) (code analysis, simulation and generation in different areas of knowledge) offers great possibilities for designing and developing distributed systems. The key factor to take into account is the lack of methodologies and software tools that support the integration of all the existing components. Thus, the aim of this project is to create an extensible open environment, based on DCS models, that allows the collaboration of multidisciplinary COTS tools, offering support to the different phases of the development cycle of these types of systems (code specification, analysis, simulation, and generation). 


1) Specific domain models

Definition of domain views: functional, HW and SW architecture. Applied to Industrial Control Systems (SCI).

2) Formal specification of Domain specific languages

Definition of the Domain languages using XML technologies (Schema and Schematron).

3) Motor collaboration of models (MCM)

A prototype of a motor collaboration using open technologies (XSL, Ant, Cocoon, etc.) that support the development cycle of SCI.

4) Integration and collaboration of tools

Tool integration techniques in MCM, depending on the data storage format of the tool (XSL, Chaperon, DOM, etc.)